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NewEarth Bacalar Sanctuary

The NewEarth Sanctuary represents a comprehensive socio-economic and environmentally regenerative framework for pioneering and sustainable living. Fostering local partnerships with a profound commitment to the preservation and revitalization of the natural environment, as well as supporting local economic growth. We hope to also continue the partnership with local land owners to expand on the areas of protection along the laguna front and to develop a low impact, responsible plan for the area as tourism expands south from Tulum. An integral part of this will be a new residential community. The unique NES design aesthetic uses innovative, ergonomic bio-architecture, with a fusion of minimalist Mexicana, Neo-colonial Spanish and Dutch styles. Materials such as sargassum, hemp, sascab and geo-crete are sourced locally. The residences are arranged in stunning residential enclaves that embody art & beauty in conscious harmony with people, nature and the environment. residential living


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