NES has created a simple way for people to be involved in the many parts of the Bacalar Laguna Project and all the other opportunities that are within the Sanctuary. This involves, technology, buying land or building a home in the Sanctuary, the NewEarth Coin, business partnership opportunities and many more.

The minimum investment at this time is $50,000 USD or the equivalent in Mexican Pesos.

Please click here to book an appointment for more information.

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Unique way to get involved in the early stages of the NewEarth Sanctuary Project
Allows you to easily move your money [International or other.. digital assets etc.] into the project in Mexico in a time of uncertainty and diversification
Offers a flexible timeline, you have the option to choose the length of time for your participation: Short term - 1 year, or mid-to long term 2 or 3 years.
Ensures you have first priority to the land parcels for sale
Is secured by NES assets
Open to transition anytime penalty-free to any opportunity within the Sanctuary
Interest is earned over the course of the term and paid out at completion with the return of the principle investment.

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